About The Director

Joe Teixeira

Joe Teixeira is a native of Boston Ma.

and now resides in Atlanta Ga. Joe got his passion for filmmaking shortly after he was asked to direct the media department at his church. In 2001, Joe began producing church programs for Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN), a local cable access channel. This is the same place where he received his training and became certified in Field Production and Digital Editing.

During this time

Joe also shot promotional videos and commercials for the church. With 15 loyal staff members, Joe was well on his way of becoming a well rounded Producer and Director. As the years progressed his skills matured into becoming a phenomenal cinematographer.


In 2008, Joe decided it was time to start is own production company, Shooting For The Future Productions. In 2009, his second company, Joe Texx Films was birthed. Joe’s first project was the documentary The Marsha Joseph Story (The Life of A Overcomer). Since that time he has written, produced and directed multiple projects such as music and promotional videos, commercials, documentaries and short films. Joe is very passionate about changing lives through the eye of the lens.

Our Mission

Our mission here at JTF is to put out the highest quality of video production possible. Whether it’s a production that we produce from in house or from a client that comes to us with their vision. We make it a priority to give the viewing public not just a great story but also the best visual experience.

We are a dedicated film company that will help bring great content to the world. We are in the business of story telling, whether it’s fictional, nonfictional or a documentary. Changing lives through the eye of the lens is our model!

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